the gateway to great English cider-making


We supply apples to cider-makers large and small. If you are an experienced cider-maker we can help you to source hard to find varieties or top up your supply. If you are new to cider-making we can advise you on the basics and suggest varieties to help you towards your goal.
We can supply quantities from 300 kg of dessert fruit to hundreds of tonnes, and the same goes for cider fruit.
We are proud of the number of orchards we plan and plant from scratch, many of which are traditional cider orchards. Our clients are landowners who care about the landscape and heritage of Somerset as well as the major cider-makers of the West Country. We work with our clients to improve the soil characteristics of the land and research the best apple varieties for the project. 
We can offer a full management service for your orchard, or individual services. These include planning, planting, pruning, spraying and harvesting. We offer both hand and mechanical pruning and blast spraying as well as herbicide spraying. We work with all sorts of medium size orchards as well as large commercial orchards.
Our apple press works hard, producing a unique supply of traditional cider fruit juice for the growing number of artisan cider-makers entering the business. We can offer a minimum order of 200 litres, and 1000 litre IBCs up to bulk tankers.
We can also press your own fruit for you, as long as you have more than 300 kg (one cubic metre) and you can deliver it to us.
Our Voran belt press is capable of 3 tonnes / 2000 lt per hr and we can press both dessert and cider apples for you.
We also have our small Speidel mill and hydrovane press available for hire if you want to do it yourself.
For costs, and to book a slot for the large press, contact us on 01963 240154