Orchard Park Farms are Lantra training providers offering training in a wide range of areas.

We also provide in house ATV training through EASI and Lantra with Orchard Park Farms very own trainers.

Lantra are an awarding organisation that provide us with trainers and courses that we facilitate at our very own premises.
Lantra have over 600 training courses available supporting over 80,000 learners every year.

Our courses are booked through Lantra but held at our facilities here at Orchard Park Farms.
We can facilitate training in any of the following areas:

– Operating Vehicles and Attachments
– Health & Saftey and First Aid
– Farming and Conservation
– Horticulture and Landscape
– Working with trees and chainsaws
– Lift trucks and plant operations
– Pest and weed management
– Pesticides
– Small machinery and handtools

Our ATV training is an in house course arranged and booked through EASI, with our very own trainers.

EASI stands for European All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Institute and is a UK operation sponsored by the leading six manufacturers (Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki, BRP and Yamaha) and delivers a programme of specialist ATV & SbS operator training courses which are designed to improve Operator skills, safety levels and awareness of the capabilities of ATVs which are also known as quad bikes and SbS’s (Side by side sit in seat configuration).

Training can also be redeemed on a new quadbike purchase, and if purchased second-hand, it is worth checking that there is not any training that has not been used as this can be redeemed through ourselves.

Courses available

EASI ATV Training

Friday 2nd November 
Wednesday 12th December 

Please contact EASI for more information or to book your place
Email: or Tel: 01273 494 128

 Contact Neil today on 01963 240154
or email

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