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Contract Cider Pressing

Still pressing on a VORAN 100P2? Would rather open up half of your warehouse space for stock management? Tired of the seasonal nature of cider production? We are here to help.

With a dedicated pressing site with cutting edge equipment we are able to press your bittersweets at high speed and high yield. The cidermaking world is multifaceted. Diversify and allow experts in each field to take care of their charges so that you can work on your recipe and branding. 

We sell base cider in 1,000L iterations starting from a single 1,000L IBC up to 35,000L bulk tankers and beyond. Visit our site, choose your base, (or allow our experts to choose for you) then ship to your packing site!

Ready to scale-up? No matter if you're a start up or a heritage business - base cider, per your specification, on tap - to be put to work growing your business.
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