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Our Orchard is Your Orchard

Orchard planting, growth, maintenance and harvesting is both expensive and time consuming. The art of the cidermaker is not only selecting the right apples, but crafting excellent blends. Let us take control of your orchard management allowing you to focus on creating award winning recipes.

Here at Orchard Park Farms we press a variety of self-grown bittersweets, and also dessert apples for use in raising gravity through natural means. Once we are your 'strategic partner' you can call us any time to package your base cider for shipping to your premises or packing house of choice. If you are looking for a packaging partner, we recommend Somerset Cider Solutions - our sister company.

Growing or not sure where to start? We can help you out at any stage of your journey. Call us and we'll take care of your orchard and pressing needs.
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